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Whether you want a city zipper or an off road weekender, the Suzuki range offers great choice, fantastic value for money and design that turns heads. Check out our range of small, medium, large and commercial vehicles.

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So, you’re thinking about leaving your old car, and that’s ok.

It’s hard to admit you don’t love your car anymore. But you want enhanced styling, advanced connectivity and a suite of cutting-edge safety features that your car just isn’t doing for you. What you want, is the Swift.

Swift Sport

It’s like driving a powerful, zippy, sexy metaphor

Introducing the highest performance Suzuki ever. Just look at the name. Swift? Fast. Sport? Even faster. We doubled the fast. And it was already fast.


Perfection doesn't exis-...

Stylish, spacious, and loaded with features. If "having your cake and eating it too" were a versatile hatchback, it would be the Baleno.

"Surely," you think. "Nothing with that price tag can be this perfect."

And you'd be right, if it weren't for the Baleno.


Flattery that can get you everywhere

Let's get to the point: you're not here to be flattered. You're here to hear about the S-Cross Turbo's powerful engine, fuel efficiency, generous space, and cutting-edge technology.

Well, you clearly have exquisite taste if you're considering the S-Cross. Whoops, was that flattery? We're sorry. It's just true.


An ultra-compact. And an SUV.

Straight up: the Ignis might be from the future. Maybe the past? But a futuristic past. It’s a beautiful mystery that’s also a super compact SUV. Loaded with space and featuring the latest technologies in a retro-futuristic package, the Ignis isn’t for indecisive people; it’s for people who’ve decided they want everything.


Good news: the fun police don’t really exist.

Turns out if you want to eat cereal for dinner, wear monogrammed onesies or drive a Suzuki Vitara, you can. You’re an adult, and no-one can stop you. So, buy a Suzuki Vitara. Because you want to and you can.


Nobody but Jimny

Comfortable yet adventurous. Resilience with performance. A rugged 4x4 off-roader that’s built like a tank and looks like something a Viking would drive.

Some would call it a mad fever dream. We call it the Jimny. Why? We’ll get to that.

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