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MAN produces some of the world's finest trucks and buses. With a history dating back over 250 years, MAN's knowledge and truck manufacturing expertise are unbeatable. MAN remains at the forefront of global truck design and innovative transport solutions. Reliable, ergonomically-designed and efficient, MAN's Truck and Bus range are also some of the most technologically-advanced vehicles on the commercial truck and bus market.

Specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the Australian climate and operators, MAN Truck and Bus offers unbeatable transport solutions.

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TGX 4x2

The TGX 4x2 is a fantastic choice for long-haul distribution as both a prime mover or a rigid truck.

The heavy-duty cab chassis comes with the most recent premium features including an almost flat floor giving ultimate driver comfort. With rear air suspension, an XL or XLX cab, a range of wheelbases and a GVM of 18,000kg, the TGX 4x2 offers versatility as well as outstanding efficiency. Both 10.5L and 12.4L six-cylinder engines are available ranging from 360hp to 540hp, so wherever you need to go, the MAN TGX 4x2 will get you there.

TGX 6x4

The MAN TGX 6x4 offers the ideal solution for long-haul distribution of heavy loads.

Suitable for both a rigid truck and as a prime mover, with a GVM of 26,000kg, the TGX 6x4 is the MAN for the long-haul. The heavy-duty cab chassis, available as both XL and XLX, comes with premium specifications as standard offering remarkable driver comfort. With rear air suspension, a range of wheelbases and the option of either a 10.5L or 12.4L Six-cylinder engine ranging from 360HP to 540HP, the TGX offers superior efficiency and comfort.

TGL 12.250 4x2

MAN's TGL 12.250 is the truck to use for short-haul distribution.

The TGL allows for a wide range of applications, its light/medium duty cab chassis being suitable for use with a tilt tray and tray truck as well as with a tautliner. Available with either day, sleeper or crew cabs, an array of wheelbases, with low chassis weight and rear air suspension coming as standard, the TGL 12.250 is immensely versatile. The TGL has a 6.9L 250Hp six-cylinder engine delivers all the power you need for short-haul distribution.

TGM 13.290 4x4

MAN's TGM 13.290 is an excellent choice for use in mining support or as an all-terrain motor home.

With an all-wheel-drive cab chassis, rear air suspension, 13,000kg GVM and super single tires all-round, the TGM 13.290 offers you all the toughness and versatility you would expect from MAN. The TGM 13.290 is available with a day, sleeper or crew cab, a range of wheelbases and either a 290Hp or 250Hp six-cylinder engine offering you flexibility across a range of applications.

TGM 15.290 4x4

MAN's TGM 15.290 offers you an outstanding option for both mining support vehicles and fire trucks.

The TGM 15.290 is both tough and durable with an all-wheel-drive chassis and rear air suspension coming as standard, along with a high axle load capacity and a GVM of 15,000kg. With day, sleeper and crew cabs, a range of wheelbases and the choice of two engines, the 250HP or 290HP, the TGM 15.290 gives you plenty of versatility for a range of applications.

TGM 16.290 4x2

MAN's TGM 16.290 is one of the most versatile trucks on the market suitable for short-haul distribution.

With a low chassis height, rear air suspension, a choice of day, sleeper or crew cabs and an impressive GVM of 16,000kg, the TGM 16.290 is both durable and efficient. The possibility of either a 250HP or 290HP six-cylinder engine only adds to the TGM 16.290's versatility, and with the option of a tray truck, tilt tray, tautliner or elevated work platform the range of applications suitable for the TGM 16.290 are vast.

TGM 18.340 4x4

Be spoiled for choice with the fantastic range of applications suited for the TGM 18.340.

From an all-terrain motorhome to an agricultural spreader or a fire truck to a mining support vehicle, the TGM 18.340 really does tick all the boxes. The all-wheel-drive cab chassis is perfectly complemented by its steel rear suspension, a GVM of 18,000kg, day, sleeper and crew cabs all available and a 6.9L engine available in either 290HP or 340HP, MAN's TGM 18.340 is guaranteed to be a real asset to your business.

TGM 23.290 6x2

Suitable for both a tray truck and as a general freight tautliner, the MAN TGM 23.290 offers you the ideal solution for the short-haul transportation of heavy loads.

The combination of low chassis height, long wheelbase and rear air suspension with tag axle along with a GVM of 23,000kg and the option of either a day or sleeper cab give you great flexibility. The TGM 23.290 offers a reliable, efficient and versatile option when transporting heavy loads over short distances.

TGS 4x2

MAN's TGS 4x2 model offers an outstanding range of possible applications for both medium and long-haul transportation.

Suitable for use as a furniture removal van, an around-town prime mover, for use in horse transportation or with a tray truck, the TGS 4x2 offers remarkable flexibility. The TGS 4x2 comes with a 10.5L six-cylinder engine, rear air suspension and a GVM of 18,000kg as standard. All this combined with the option of M, L, or LX cabs and a range of wheelbases, the TGS 4x2 is guaranteed to give you plenty of variety regardless of the planned application.

TGS 6x4

MAN's TGS 6x4 truck is a fantastic option for medium/long-haul trucking and transportation.

The TGS 6x4 is a heavy-duty prime mover suitable for a vast array of applications. From around town or as a B-double truck to use in horse transportation, furniture removal or with a tray truck, the TGS is incredibly versatile. With a GVM of 26,000kg, rear air suspension and the option of either a 10.5L or 12.5L six-cylinder engine ranging from 360 to 540hp, the TGS 6x4 gives you extensive options over a wide range of applications.

TGS 6x6

MAN's TGS 6x6 truck is perfectly suited for a range of off-road applications.

The all-wheel-drive cab chassis, high ground clearance and a high GVM of 33,000kg, makes the TGS 6x6 a fantastic choice for use as a mining support vehicle, super spreader, drill rig or an off the road elevated work platform. The option of two wheelbases and the 10.5L 440hp engine adds to the capability and efficiency of this model, making the TGS 6x6 Truck a fantastic choice for all off-road applications.

TGS 8x4

MAN's TGS 8x4 truck is well suited for an array of applications from use with a fridge van or hook lift to a crane truck, tilt-tray or tray truck.

The twin steer cab chassis, rear air suspension, load-share front suspension and a high GVM of 35,000Kg, gives the TGS 8x4 Truck the edge it requires to fit all these applications seamlessly. The TGS 8x4 truck is available with an M, L or XL cab and either a 10.5 or 12.5L engine ranging from 360 to 540hp offering incredible versatility and efficiency regardless of the type of application you require.

TGS 8x4 Hi-Clearance

MAN's TGS 8x4 high clearance truck offers a range of features that make it a superior choice for both off road and semi off-road applications.

The combination of a high ground clearance cab chassis, twin steering and a high GVM of 41,000kg makes the TGS 8x4 hi-clearance an exceptional choice for a vehicle in its class. With hub reduction drive axles for better traction with steel rear suspension, a choice of M or L cabs and either 10.5 and 12.5L engines ranging from 360 to 540hp, the TGS 8x4 high clearance offers tremendous flexibility along with durability and efficiency

TGS 8x8

The TGS 8x8 all-wheel drive (AWD) truck is a powerful eight-wheel truck perfect for a number of off-road applications.

Irrespective of the complexity of the application, the TGS 8x8 embraces the challenge. Regardless of the terrain, climate, and stresses and strains, MAN's TGS AWDs are built tough to survive. The AWD range ensures you are prepared for whatever the job throws at you. Whatever the environment (mining support, drill rig trucking etc) or application, or wherever maximum traction is needed (and with some models having disengageable all-wheel drive), our TGS 8x8 Truck range is up to the challenge.

A24 NG 323F

MAN's low-floor articulated city bus the A24 NG 323F is a powerful, efficient and cost-effective option for inner-city transportation.

The super low-floor chassis which is available in a full low-floor or step-less design is heavy duty with an incredibly high GVM of 24 Tonnes. The 360HP engine is both powerful and fuel-efficient with EBS, ECAS and an electronically controlled hydrostatic fan drive all coming as standard with the added option of ESP.

A22 NL 323F

MAN's A22 NL 323F, low-floor city bus provides a fantastic option for inner-city transportation.

This 4x2 dual axle city bus is heavy-duty with a GVM of 18 Tonness and also offers exceptional reliability, efficiency and performance. EBS, ECAS and an electronically controlled hydrostatic fan drive come as standard, and the super low chassis design means this low-floor city bus has excellent accessibility.

A95 ND 323 F

MAN's double-deck city bus the A95 ND323 F offers an unparalleled solution for inner-city transportation.

Offering not only unbeatable comfort for a large number of passengers, the A95 is packed with features making it an excellent choice for inner-city travel. The super low-floor chassis with its three axles is heavy-duty with an incredible 25 Tonnes GVM and with EBS, ESP, ECAS and an electronically controlled hydrostatic fan drive coming as standard, the A95 offers power and efficiency like no other.

LE 19.320 (RC2)

MAN's low-entry city bus, the RC2 19.320 offers an exceptionally economical solution for inner-city transportation.

This model has been carefully designed to be both powerful and heavy-duty while also being incredibly economical and whisper-quiet, perfect for all inner-city transportation requirements. The low-entry two-axle chassis has a GVM of 19 Tonnes and comes with ECAS, EBS and an electronically controlled hydrostatic fan drive as standard.

CO 19.360 (RR2)

When it comes to touring, MAN's RR2 CO 19.360 offers an outstanding option for comfort, safety and economy.

The entry-level coach chassis is fully automatic with a high floor U-section, independent front axle, a GVM of 19 Tonnes and both EBS and ESP as standard. This model offers superior passenger and driver comfort and all of the latest safety features. It is exceptionally fuel-efficient, very quiet and is easy to drive even in stop-and-go traffic.

CO 26.480 (RR4)

MAN's premium coach the RR4 CO 26.480, is the ultimate choice for both pulling power and passenger comfort.

This model has been specifically designed to not only provide the utmost level of comfort to passengers during day trips and tours but also has incredible power, outstanding fuel efficiency and the most modern safety features on the market. The 6x2, three-axle chassis comes with ECAS, EBS, and ESP as standard and has a range of safety features including adaptive cruise control, lane guard and emergency brake assist.

IC 19.290 RR8

MAN's RR8 290 is robust and economical with outstanding safety features making it a fantastic choice for the transportation of children.

The durable 4x2 high floor chassis is lightweight yet tough with a GVM of 19 Tonnes and the upright turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine is both fuel-efficient and reliable. With EBS, ECAS and an electronically controlled hydrostatic fan drive coming as standard and with the optional extra of ESP, the RR8 19.290 offers an efficient, reliable and economical solution for regular transportation.

IC 19.320 RR8

MAN's RR8 IC 19.320 is packed with features that ensure it is a fantastic choice for use as a school or charter bus.

The 19.320 has a 4x2 heavy-duty, high-floor chassis with ECAS, EBS and optional ESP as well as independent front suspension, making it an excellent option for various road surfaces. Offering excellent whole-of-life operating costs the RR8 19.320 is exceptionally fuel-efficient, has fantastic scheduled maintenance intervals, is whisper quiet and has outstanding handling and on-road performance.

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