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For over 70 years MacDon has been a world leader in technology, innovation, and manufacturing of high-performance harvesting equipment. Products include self-propelled windrowers (draper, auger, and disc), draper-style combine headers and combine pick-up headers used to harvest a variety of crops including grain, forage, rice, oil-seeds, and a number of other specialty crops. MacDon - The Harvesting Specialists.

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R2 Series Rotary Disc Headers

Hit it with The Haymaker! Heavy or Light, Tall or Short, Lodged or Standing crops. The all-new MacDon R2 Rotary Disc Header delivers a Knock-Out performance in a wide variety of crops and conditions. Featuring MacDon EvenFlow™ Technology, the R2 delivers the best possible cut, conditioning, and windrow formation, allowing for quick dry down and increased productivity.

M1 Series Windrowers

M1 Series Windrowers deliver power, performance, comfort, and speed. The powerful Cummins engines provide more than enough header drive capacity to power through the toughest harvesting situations. Our patented CrossFlex™ suspension makes the 18 mph (29 km/h) in-field and 28 mph (45 km/h) road speeds feel like a relaxed cruise.

D1XL Series Draper Header

D1XL Drapers feature a deeper deck with 50" wide (127 cm) drapers, in header sizes from 30' (9.1 m) to 45' (13.7m) wide. These wide drapers perform with ease in big, bushy, high-volume crops, with up to 30% increased capacity in heavy crops.

R1 Series Rotary Disc Headers

Speed, precision, performance, that's exactly what you get with the MacDon M1170 Windrower and R1 Series Disc Header. Our patented CrossFlex™ suspension and low-profile, forward-mounted cutting discs help deliver a smooth, clean cut at in-field speeds of up to 14 mph (22.5 km/h).

A Series Auger Headers

A clean cut, smooth flow, and excellent conditioning, that's what you get from MacDon A Series Auger Headers. Like all MacDon harvesting machines, the A Series is designed to perform in the toughest conditions while providing exceptional durability. From the heavy-duty cutterbar, to the cast housing of the dual Wobble Boxes and rugged internal components of the knife drive system, the A Series is a commercial quality machine.

M155 E4 Windrower

More Power: 155 HP tuned for performance to handle fluctuating loads in less than ideal harvesting conditions. Better Fuel Economy: Highly efficient engine with DEF consumption as low as 3% of fuel. Our DEF tank has been sized to provide up to 75 hours of use between fills. Proven Reliability: Proven Cummins engine with single turbo delivers reliable performance you can count on.

M Series Windrowers

How do you improve a machine that has set industry benchmarks for speed and productivity? The answer is you focus on pushing the boundaries even further; things like giving every model a horsepower boost, improving operator comfort with an all-new suspension system and boosting infield performance with an upgraded header drive.

D65 Windrower Draper Header

D Series Drapers are true multi-crop harvesting solutions letting you cut just about any crop without having to swap headers. Not only are they perfect for harvesting cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds and edible beans, they will also outperform most auger headers in hay and forage applications.D65 sizes: 15 ft. (4.6 m), 20 ft. (6.1 m), 25 ft. (7.6 m), 30 ft. (9.1 m), 35 ft. (10.7 m), 40 ft. (12.2 m) and 45 ft. (13.7 m).

R Series Rotary Disc Headers

If you’ve been looking for a header that cuts alfalfa at speeds up to16 MPH (26 km/h) and powers through 12' (3.6 m) of cane or a heavy winter forage crop – MacDon’s R85 Rotary Disc provides all this and more. This next-generation rotary disc machine has been significantly improved in almost every important area including frame strength, cutting angle, disc pattern, header flotation and conditioning.

D1 Draper Headers and FD1 FlexDraper Headers

MacDon FlexDraper® and Draper Headers are designed to maximize productivity in the most challenging harvesting situations, from our Active Float System that keeps our headers true-to-the-ground, to the outstanding performance of our reel. Available in sizes up to 13.7 m (45'), MacDon combine drapers are built tough to deliver worry-free harvesting performance with any crop, in any condition, and on any combine.

FD75 FlexDraper Headers

The original FlexDraper® , MacDon's FD75 continues to advance harvesting technology. It features a fixed reel-to-cutterbar relationship and the smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding that makes the FlexDraper® a harvesting performance legend. As the ultimate performance modification for your combine, this machine can significantly boost productivity in any crop and any harvesting situation.

D65 Draper Headers

Low podding, downed, tangled, or lodged crop; whatever the situation, MacDon D Series Draper Headers deliver outstanding harvesting performance. Whether you're straight cutting or windrowing, the D Series is a true multi-crop harvesting solution perfect for harvesting cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, and beans.

C Series Corn Header

Strong, light, and fuel-efficient, C Series headers have aluminium gearboxes and a compact driveline requiring less power from the combine for operation. Featuring a unique snout design that excels at lifting downed crop, minimizing ear bounce, and following curved rows, the MacDon C Series is ready for your toughest corn harvesting challenges.

R1 Series Rotary Disc Pull-Types

The all-new forward mounted cutterbar design provides a cleaner, smoother cut than ever before, and it’s backed by a 3 Year Cutterbar Warranty. No matter what the harvest situation or conditioning need, the R1 lays down well-formed, well-conditioned windrows with the industry's widest roll at 129” (328cm), and four interchangeable conditioning options.

PW8 Pick-up Header

Our engineers worked hard to make the PW8 as user friendly as possible, from easy installation to time saving innovations, it all adds up to harvesting performance you can count on. Here's why the MacDon PW8 is the smartest no-brainer on the market.

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