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Agrowplow is an innovative, soil-conscious company committed to developing soil care products for improved, sustainable agriculture. The company has a range of specialised Agrowplow deep tillage plows, Agrowdrill seed drills, Flexi-Rollers and other agricultural products.

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AP11 Deep Tillage Plough

The Agrowplow AP11 series plow is a multi-purpose linkage unit designed for rootbed renovation of pastures, cereals, vineyards, horticultural crops and sugar cane applications.

No. of shanks 5 / 7
Working Width 1.65m / 2.31m
Drawbar Power 80-120hp / 100-140hp

AP31 Deep Tillage Plough

With the Agrowplow AP31 Deep Tillage plough you can prepare the perfect seedbed. The AP31 Series plough is designed for rootbed renovation of pastures, cereals and horticultural crops.

No. of shanks 7 / 9
Working Width 2.31m / 2.97m
Drawbar Power 100-140hp / 135-180hp

AP51 Deep Tillage Plough

The AP51 is the next level up in strength. The heavy-duty frame and the newest, innovative No.9 style shank is the perfect combination to shatter deep compacted hardpans up to 450mm for mid-size farming.

No. of shanks 9 / 11
Working Width 3.42m / 4.18m
Drawbar Power 180-270hp / 220-330hp

AP71 Deep Tillage Plough

Take Agrowplowing to the next level with the strength and innovation of the AP71. Now built even tougher, the Agrowplow AP71 series deep ripper offers excellent soil renovation in broadacre applications.

No. of shanks 11 / 15
Working Width 4.5m / 6.0m
Drawbar Power 220-330hp / 300-450hp

AP81 Deep Tillage Plough

The AP81 makes deep ripping in broad-acre farming possible with the same strength and innovation as seen on the AP91.

No. of shanks 17 / 23
Working Width 9m / 12m
Drawbar Power 340-510hp / 460-690hp

AP91 Deep Tillage Plough

Soil care and innovation has been the driving force behind our latest development of the AP91 Agrowplow. With our newest model developed to make deep ripping for the farmer simpler, stronger and smarter.

No. of shanks 16 / 26 / 34
Working Width 6.0m / 9.0m / 12m
Drawbar Power 350-450hp / 400+ hp / 500+ hp

Cotton Bed Renovator

The Agrowplow Cotton Bed Renovator will plow, cut,bury and build cotton beds - saving time, fuel, topsoil and organic matter.

Working Width 4m / 6m / 8m
Max. Working Depth 450mm (18")

Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder

The Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder is perfect for viticulture. The seed drill has a transport width of only 2m, making it perfectly suited to navigating the narrow rows of vineyards and orchards.

Sowing Rows 11
Working Width 1.5m
Drawbar Power 60-80hp
New Agrowplow Agrowdrill Pasture Seeder

Agrowdrill Pasture Seeder

The Agrowplow pasture seeder makes pasture renewal simple. Featuring a sturdy trailing design, the pasture seeder operates using a robust direct drive mechanism to make application smooth and reliable, and maintenance simple.

Sowing Rows 12 - 24
Working Width 2.1m - 4.9m
Hopper Capacity 38L / 60L

Agrowdrill AD083 Seed Drill

Discover the proven benefits of the Agrowplow AD083 Seed Drill. Specially designed for seeding versatility and simplicity, the AD083 assists in pasture renovation, summer crops, and legumes.

Sowing Rows 10, 11, 17, 18
Working Width 1.75 - 2.7m
Hopper Capacity 245 - 407L
Drawbar Power 60-100hp

Agrowdrill AD130 Seed Drill

The AD130 Agrowdrill leads on from our most popular AD230 pasture drill, combining the best features into a compact, versatile drill.

Sowing Rows 16 / 20
Working Width 2.4m - 3m
Hopper Capacity 300 - 385L
Drawbar Power 70-100hp

Agrowdrill AD230 Seed Drill

The AD230 Agrowdrill features our renowned design, melding tradition with modern technology and practicality.It is the ultimate pasture drill, with one of the strongest RHS toolbars and a fully welded frame.

Sowing Rows 16, 20, 24 or 28
Working Width 3 - 3.6m
Hopper Capacity 1,210 - 1,420L
Drawbar Power 80-130hp

Agrowdrill AD730 Seed Drill

Introducing the Agrowdrill AD730 seed drill. It has been designed alongside farmers like you and packed with a long list of innovative features.

Sowing Rows 18, 20, 22, 24, or 28
Working Width 4.05 - 4.9m
Hopper Capacity 1,760 - 2,160L
Drawbar Power 120 - 200hp

Agrowplow Flexiroller

For the ultimate seed bed finish, you can't got past the Agrowplow Flexiroller. This adaptable tool is easily implemented in both primary and secondary tillage operations, as well as in seeding operations.

The Agrowplow Flexiroller is available in both trailing, linkage, and mounted varieties. Trailing units are available in working widths of 2.5m (8') up to 6.25m (20' 5"). Linkage units are available from 6m (20') to 12m (40').

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